Children are Fucked Up

To my delight, I recently acquired some drawings of the events of 9/11 as depicted by children; quite frankly, these drawings were both poorly made and downright scary. I've taken the time to give you my take on a few of the drawings. Yes, I know this is cruel and unsavory, but I'm a cruel and unsavory character. I'm like Lex Luther, only I'm poor, and I live in a house that floods when it rains.

This picture presents a chilling alternate theory to the September 11th attacks. You will clearly notice that the first tower seems to be exploding prior to the actual impact with the plane! This means that there could easily have been a bomb placed in either one or both of the towers. Let's take a closer look at this scene just to make sure:

Obviously, the explosion occurred prior to the impact. Did the terrorist hijackers aboard the plane know about the explosives planted in the building? Or is this one horrifying coincidence?

The artist also chose to include a fairy phoenix rising above the towers, perhaps affirming his belief that a higher power somehow ordained this. Clearly, the creator of this horrible image is truly disturbed in his political beliefs and ideals.

At the base of the towers stand six individuals serving as witnesses to the absolute carnage. Who are these chilling observers and why do they seem so calm? They watch on in relative peace, almost as if they welcome the tragedy. Again, another subtle addation that affirms the artist's sick beliefs.

This picture borders on being a surrealist interpretation of the tragedy. The overall pandemonium depicted seems almost apocalyptic in nature. This scene could easily have been lifted straight from the Bible.

Here we see two giants climbing the mighty towers. What's interesting is that they need not even grasp the building, but instead seem to cling to the sides with little surface contact. They seem unconcerned, as they wave to the crowd. Another possibility is that they are giving the infamous Nazi salute, but that's just speculation. It should be noted that both of these individuals are scaling the building prior to the actual impact with the planes. In fact, much of this chaos is occurring as the first plane strikes.

The plane, which seems to be symbolized by the male member, or perhaps a link of sausage, has the word "Hi" written on the front of the plane. You can see what looks to be "jac" written on the very end of the plane. This seems to indicate that the plane is "hijaced" by terrorists. But when would the terrorist have had time to add these markings to the plane? Wouldn't it have been more practical to leave them off, as to blend in with regular air traffic? Clearly, the terrorist weren't quite as clever as we give them credit for. In the rear window of the plane, you can see a human being with "X's" for eyes. This either suggests that the person is dead, or that there is a bit of numerology involved. X is equivalent to ten in Roman numerals, placing the value of 20 on this person's face. What could this mean? It means I need to change my pants, because that's some scary shit.

The final and most chilling component of this image is this scene in which two children dance around a prophet-like character standing in the streets. As you can clearly see, the purple-clad prophet has three eyes! Obviously this prophet is seeing opportunity through her third eye. The children celebrate this evil false prophet with glee, as the world falls apart around them! Indeed, a harrowing look at end times.

Let this show all of you, children are some messed up people!

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