"The truth is, we really like writing people up, it doesnt take much time or paper work."

Neither did throwing away my 3 letters from Young Hall last year nor the other "incident".

"However, when residents decide they want to break the stupid ass rules,"
indeed, they are stupid ass rules.

"be it, vandalism,"
Y, e, s, yes, yes, yes; I love me some vandalism.

"drinking in their dorm,"
pfft, I'd be more concerned about the number of times we vomit in the public bathroom/walls/floor/bathtub/bikerack, but hey, that's me.

"disrespecting residents by being too loud"
as opposed to the night my drunken 4am viewing of full house was interupted by a fire alarm that lasted for 21 minutes until I, accompanied by the man in the yellow hat, reattached a fire alarm that we noticed was triggered quite a distance from our dorm room.

"or whatever, then action needs to be taken by us gay ass powertrippin RA's."
Clearly, if we are going to drink, let's be sensible and drink in our moving vehicles, rather than a stationary dorm room with the door locked; it's much more sensible.

"We dont just turn our backs."
That's what they said about the holocaust, (*sniffle) Self Rule = The College Lifestyle, and I've never seen a hallmate (bamf or not) not adhere to another's complaint/request.

"We also go out looking for things to write people up on,"
Damn, I think most of us just go out looking to get laid/money/both?/refreshing chocolaty drink, but again, if that's your shit, as gwen stefani says, it is most definitely shit of the banana variety.

BTW, UPDizzle, quit messing around with irrelevant shit and find the guy who jacked my bike and bashed in my taillight.