How Not To Download CD's.

Further proving that the American Government has nothing better to do, the National Department of Homeland Security has declared a war on downloading music and is now devoting a task force focusing on fucking up all parties involved in mass file transfer. Incase you forgot, according to the Department of Homeland Security, you are a terrorist if:

*You smoke cigarettes
*You smoke pot
*Your neighbor smoke’s pot
*You’ve watched Boy Meets World
*You don’t have a D.A.R.E. shirt
*You are Muslim/Indian/Jew
*You voted Gore
*You know who Barrack Obama is
*You don’t use condoms
*You do use condoms
*You support Canada

And now if you download music. With that, it is my civic duty to help spread the word on how not to download full length CDs.

1) Do NOT Go to or go to httP:// search for mIRC and go to the first site.
2) Do NOTnot Download mIRC from the site.
3) Do NOT Install mIRC on your computer.
4) Do NOT Open mIRC on your computer, go to Tools, Options, DCC, select auto-get file and if File exists resume transfer setting.

5) Do NOT Under Tools, Options, also expand the + next to DCC, hit up ignore, disable it, and make sure the box to restart the ignore feature in 5 minutes is unchecked.

6) Do NOT Proceed to and run a search for any CD. If results show up, right click a pack number, and click properties, and highlight and copy the request ie 'Xtpc| send pack number 3'
7) Do NOT Click the packet number that you just right clicked, and if a pop up comes, click yes
8) Do NOT or mIRC will automatically open, wait for it to connect and a 2nd window will open, here, paste the text that was copied and press enter.
9) Do NOT or the file should now be sent to you.
Something I didn’t hear – if a download says “DCC client pending blah blah blah,” this is the server’s problem and you need to forget about it, however, if the packet has a kps in the 1000s, low que number ie 3/50, or active slot number like 8/10 you should pimp it like a hoe with low self esteem and download the bastahd..

*note - most downloads come in .tar format and you will need to download WinRar (free) to unzip them; how to find WinRar, 879 Terrorists Did Not Start illegally downloading CDs because of this post.
Confused about how not to Download CDs, email me

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