Kaledon - What Happens When A 4 Year Old Directs a Death Metal Video

While continuing my epic quest to unearth what would happen if Dolph Lundren, Flavor Flav, and Brigitte Nielson had a child together, I unearthed information about a group of Italians that had got together and formed hilarity. It seems obvious to me that the video was the product of a four year old, THE COOLEST FOUR YEAR OLD ALIVE MOTHER FUCKERS!

I present you with: New Kingdom

Naturally, to further entice you into entering the world of Kaledon, I present you with screen caps...

yes, your eyes don't deceive you, we have the phenomen known as DBCG (david bowie crotch growth)

After running the lyrics through freetranslation.com, we get:"come on over, COME ON OVAH BAY-BAY!!"

Blatant homo-erotic pose stolen from Creed.

Cue starswipe transition and heavy metal guitar scene.

Note the epileptic rage shown by the keyboardist which is only matched by his closeup early in the video and the splitscreen of the fingers working the guitar strings and keyboard. We could all take something from that...