Voyeurists 1 : Asians 0

Those wacky Japanese are at it again! Let us take a look at recent photographs that would make the ping-pong pagans proud.

My oh my, what a confused looking asian you are. Clearly he has seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon far to many times as he looks like a majestic (stoned) lion ready to strike and leap over the car seats.

As predicted, the sex crazed asian leaped over his seat and began to study what has entered his domain.

gah, gah, GAHZILLA!!! This is where stereotypes are born; asians appear to be in car wrecks before, during, and after sex... Simply astounding.

Judging from the way his eyes are staring up to the gods, clearly our young asian friend is asking the dragon god of doggystyle whether or not to mention to the girl that they are being photographed. Continue daniel-son, continue...

Note the futuristic coils present on the cupholder, clearly a chick magnet.

How much shit can an asian fit in a car, answer above! Also, despite all the color featured in the car with the beads and palm trees, I find myself being let down by the choice of socks present.

Now this cat has got style. Upon seeing the camera flash, he immiediately ceases the art of baby asian making, ignores the fact he has no pants, and reaches for the door handle.

The guilt. The shame. The hilarity. I'm also finding myself quite envious of the flexibility of asian car seats.

Rere was something in ra air rat night
stars were bright, Fernando
Rey were shining rere for you and me
For riberty, Fernando
rough I never rought rat we could ruse
rere's no regret
If I had to do ra same again
I would, my friend, Fernando
Yes, if I had to do ra same again
I would, my friend, Fernando...

He only looks so freaked out because it was at this point he realized that his steering wheel is faulty and is on the wrong side. I suggest he write his manufacturer.

For shame, how dare they discuss stereo instructions in front of ducky and snoopy...

Fornicate. Decapitate.

Until next time, but always remember, if you're asian and you want to have sex in your automobile, might I suggest: