American Conspiracy.

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1 - The WTC attack of 93.

If you've got free time, run a google on "Emad Salem". He was the FBI agent that was instructed to teach would-be Muslim "terrorists" to build a bomb and take out the WTC. What the FBI didn't expect was that he recorded his FBI handlers ordering him to proceed with the attack. This attack failed because the parking spaces around the support column they were aiming at were already taken.

Salem, who obviously had some reservations about his assignment, recorded his conversations in order to protect himself because he believed that the FBI would attempt to pin a WTC attack on him. Salem's intuition did not fail him...

Without the FBI, the 1993 WTC bombing would not have occurred as it was agent Salem who taught the other would-be Muslim "terrorists" how to prepare a capable bomb. While carrying out his mission, it was Salem's desire to use fake ingredients for the "bomb", but the FBI had ordered him to proceed with creating a live explosive. Once the bomb was complete, Salem reported to the FBI that they had sufficient evidence to arrest the would-be terrorists, but the FBI told Salem that the bombing was to go forward.

Agent Salem went public with his audio tapes in a news conference; the FBI found it necessary to pay him seven figures just to shut him up.

(See the October 28, 1993 New York Times article "Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast".)

2 - The Pentagon Attack. (for a well made video that you have probably seen before, Click Here)

The information presented about the Pentagon attack is entirely fictious. Everyone has been told that a plane went into the building, and the majority have unquestionably put their faith in their government and accepted this view. Unfortunately, pictures have surfaced showing NO debris from an airplane, NO evidence than an airplane ever existed, and the precise location where the damage was done on the side of the building there are clear indications (aproximately car sized holes in the wall) that a missile did in fact do the the damage.

Naturally, numerous gas stations, banks, and stores had operational security cameras that captured the footage of what really happened... The FBI confiscated these security videos along with threatening anyone who had watched them.

One theory suggests that the flight that was supposed to fly into the Pentagon was shot down by military jets long before it could reach the Pentagon because of the precision required to strike from just above ground level, but because of the sensitivity this would have created to families of the deceased as well as public backlash they fabricated this story that the plane did in fact go into the Petagon. Once the Pentagon was cleared of employees and staff, a land lying missile was shot into the building to make it seem as if a plane did the damage.

Now the question, would it even be possible for a Boeing 757 to match the damage to the Pentagon?

The main problem in estimating the size of the damage, is the fact that the section of the building that was struck collapsed about 30 minutes after the impact. I have been able to find three pre-collapse photos. They are presented below, each immediately followed by a graphic displaying in red, the area of the Pentagon wall visibly NOT demolished by the impact.