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Get those Death Pool 2005 entries ready!
Posted April 26, 2005 by RP.  Discuss this entry in the GorillaMask Forums.

This weekend I began diligently (not) working on the 2005-2006 version of the Death Pool, which annually runs from May 28 to May 28 (my birthday... buy me a house).

This will be the third and most dynamic version of the sinister game, but the premise will remain the same: entrants will be rewarded for predicting which famous faces will end up stabbed, shot, cancer-ridden, feeding tubeless, and ultimately cold, hard, dead, six feet under, and gracing the cover of magazines exploiting their death.

Thanks to the heavy growth of the site over the past year, I'm anticipating thousands of entries this time around (as opposed to dozens in '03, and hundreds in '04). Hence, I'm working on setting up an automated system for the '05 version, so I don't have to copy/paste/type all of the entries this year.  That's always a bitch.  Learn to spell.

As always, I'm making a pre-contest post about a month early to give you time to make suggestions for changes to this year's game, and remind people that it's almost time to put on their evil hats.  As suggested 48,000 times this year, I'm implementing a scoring bonus related to age (younger selections will be worth more), so don't worry about that, and the ranking system (extra points awarded for deaths near the top of your list) will remain.  So have a look at last year's version, and if you have any suggestions, or things you did or didn't like, send them to  I should have everything set up and ready to accept entries by early-mid May, after I get home from vacation.


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