Track Listings

1) Intro; well no shit, I began the CD with a recording I have of an old jewish man speaking jew talk... You would expect no less from ForcedToShower
2) Purple Haze ft. Hendrix, Dre, and Snoop
3) Lap Dance Pt1 ft. Nas, DMX, and Prodigy
4) One Mic ft. Nas and Coldplay
5) Vampires ft. Mos Def and Atmosphere
6) Chinga-Ling ft. Punjabi MC, Outkast, and Snoop
7) Fame ft. GZA and JayZ
8) Until Tomorrow ft. Tupac and Dido
9) Thriller ft. JayZ and Michael Jackson
10) Warriors Take Shots ft. 50 Cent, DMX, Onyx, and Styles P
11) Flow ft. KRS-1 and Incubus
12) Are You Still Down ft. JonB, Tupac, and Anthony Hamilton
13) The Message ft. Grandmaster Flash and Queen
14) Smokers Theme ft. Pharrel and Snoop
15) All of My Love ft. Led Zepellin, Common, and The Roots
16) Hard Knocks ft. Big Boi and JayZ
17) Lap Dance Pt2 ft. the Ruff Ryders
18) Changes ft. MalcomX, the United States Postal Service, a crazy cracker, Kanye West, and Tupac
19) The Finale ft. Run DMC and Method Man
Bonus Track* - Justo Faison by The Game and the Nu Jerzey Devil

Fact is, I'm a white jewish kid living in South Dakota who more than likely just put out the RC's first full length original mixtape. By the time I post this, I will have already recouped my losses spent on blank CDs and estimated shipping, so the next 25 emails I get requesting a CD or reminding me that I'm harrassing or just suck at life will get a free copy sent to them proving that RCOGs are keeping rap alive. Anything after that and all I'm asking is $5.69 via paypal(, check, money order, or cash to cover future shipping and handling. Help me, help you learn what rap is all about.

121 members of the ForcedToShower enterprise bought MalcomX stamps after listening to Changes... Elite society, email me here

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